Quick rendezvous

$350 / 1hr
$450 / 90 min
$600 / 2hrs
$900 / 3hrs
$1200 / 4hrs

4hrs or longer require time outside. (Ex. Dinner, Lunch, Show, Museum, etc.)


longer engagements

 $1800 / 6hrs
 $2500 / 14hrs

 $3000 / 24hrs
 +$2000 / Each additional day

Fly Me To You - 14hrs minimum + Travel expenses

International Travel - 3 day minimum + Travel expenses

I do not “Tour.” I do travel for my amusement. Sometimes if you’re lucky you can catch me in your city. If not, the best way to see me is by booking a “fly me to you.”


 $2000 / 2 Dinner Dates a month
 $4000 / 4 Dinner dates month

 Inquire / Paramour (several clock-free dates a month)
 Inquire / Lover (Exclusive arrangement where I’m all yours)

Exclusive Arrangements


4hr minimum is required on all bookings outside of DC.

Overnight is the preferred minimum

*travel is not included.


*Inquire - 2 heads are better than one. If you’re interested in a duos package I am open to meeting anyone you prefer. My bubbly personality allows me to get along with every person I meet.

Before you book, I ask that you take sometime to go over a few housekeeping notes.


If you’re having a hard time coming up with date ideas, I’ve compiled a comprehensive list below that is sure to put a smile on my face.

Due to my busy schedule, very limited availability, and general preference; longer engagements, including overnight and travel dates, will be given priority.